Beeson Family Bios

Some of you know (because I won’t stop pestering you) that I’ve been working on a book about my great-granduncle, Otero Gause Beeson. My goal is to accurately document the fascinating life of a world-class musician most people from Dodge City don’t even know existed. But I have grown weary of names, dates, times, and places. This isn’t a lecture class and there won’t be a quiz.

I’ve done so much digging into Uncle Ote’s past that I probably know more about him than his closest friends and relatives did while he was living. I want to tell people about all the crazy things I learned while doing the digging. Who was he, REALLY? What did I think I knew growing up compared to what I’ve learned the past few years? More than anything, I want him to be known as someone other than Chalk Beeson’s son.

That made me realize I should be doing this for other members of the Beeson family. There’s so much “the man, the myth, the legend” Old West stuff out there and it’s really gotten out of hand. So this is where I’ll tell you what I know about the fam bam. Photos, newspaper clippings, funny stories…maybe even a little dirt. We’ll see how it goes.

Chalk Beeson

Ida (Gause) Beeson

Merritt Beeson

Otero Beeson

Elizabeth (Schaetzel) Beeson

Mary (Douthitt) Beeson

Betty (Beeson) Miller

Michael Miller

Vee Ann Miller

Irene (Beeson) Cross

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