Avalanche of Ideas

I have a lot of ideas. As in, a LOT of ideas. Brilliant ideas. Life hack ideas. Retirement job ideas. Mobile app ideas. Book ideas. Like Uber but for _____ ideas. Landscaping ideas. I can even remember some of them.

My mind pulls me in two different directions. On one side is the anxiety-riddled perfectionist who cares deeply about every single detail of every single thing. On the other is the stereotypical GenX slacker who gives exactly zero fucks about basically everything. So all of these thoughts and ideas are swirling around like a tornado and I can’t catch any of them.

The exhaustion from this constant barrage results in a hard shut down. It’s like when you see the hourglass on your computer for too long and things are going nowhere so you just hold the power button down until the screen goes black. Alcohol helps (within my daily caloric allotment) and Twitter helps. * record skips* Yes, that Twitter. I scroll through my timeline and laugh at all of the manufactured outrage. Zero. Fucks. Given.

I used to play Spider Solitaire for hours on end to calm my anxiety. Now I play Hillsdale College online courses on YouTube. My two favorites are Introduction to the Constitution and Constitution 101. They’re my personal ASMR videos…don’t judge.

So I have this really great idea for an app that would literally and directly save lives. It’s geared toward an extremely misunderstood and underserved population. I keep searching to see if anyone has developed something like it because it’s fucking genius. How has no one figured it out yet? I should do something about it. I could make a gazillion dollars. Does anyone know any app design…



Twitter notification.

I’m super passionate about bringing these projects to life but I’m also pretty ambivalent about it.


One thought on “Avalanche of Ideas

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  1. Oh this sounds like me I’m always thinking things but have now clue how to get it going. I’m always thinking people in japan seem to invent anything that comes to mind now matter how crazy or stupid or simple lol

    But I’m very curious to this app that would save lives but I hope you somehow get it going

    Maybe now that you put it out there
    It will happen

    And I’m off to have a few beers!


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