Post-Vacation Depression

In June, I went to DC. In July, I went to Mexico. In August, I am going insane. And I’m kind of not even kidding. This post-vacation funk is not my idea of a good time.

I’m extremely goal driven. At the beginning of each year, I create my financial budget and my time off budget to ensure I have milestones to which I can look forward. This keeps me focused and more importantly, balanced. For whatever reason, that new dishwasher purchase I have planned on Black Friday just isn’t doing it for me right now.

Not exactly a great beach for swimming but God, I love it.

My trip to Mexico was incredible. Like, 1,000 times better than I expected. I 100% did not want to leave. I was ready to have someone load up my dogs and bring them to me. I can find a remote job and just housesit in some amazing place near the beach and not even have to deal with real life…right? Turns out not so much.

Absolute perfection

I came home to no goals. I have turned in my Mayflower application and the turnaround is 4-5 months. I may (or may not) return to Mexico in October but I have no dates. While we love the monsoon in Tucson, there have been many cloudy days and I need my sunshine. I literally do not know what to do with myself. So over the weekend, I didn’t do a damn thing.

The screeching geckos couldn’t ruin the mood.

It’s been years since I’ve felt this way, to the point where I had actually forgotten it was a possibility. Imagine my surprise.


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