Not Gonna Do It

How do people write when they don’t feel like it? I remember watching Carrie Bradshaw sit in front of her computer with the cursor blinking on a blank document and that feels like my entire life. Am I too sober?

I’m planning a trip to DC that requires a particular wardrobe so I’m stressing out over every detail. I’ve been mass-murdering yellow jackets that insist upon attaching themselves to my house. And my eyebrows are not growing out in an attractive manner. I’m not interesting and I’m not particularly creative. I can’t even talk myself into writing reviews on Influenster.

Zero inspiration. None.

I adore Yashar Ali. You guys know him, right? I follow Yashar on Twitter and Instagram and the man ALWAYS has something to say. I mean his food takes are fucking terrible but other than that, he’s an absolute gem. But how the hell does he always have something to say? I’m amazed by the prolific tweeters. I think I follow under 200 accounts on my main Twitter and I spend most of my time just absorbing everything. How do you even formulate an opinion on all of the shit that flies across your timeline? I’m having an A+ day if I can manage to retweet a few lost and found dogs in Tucson.

I have the same problem with Instagram. Being a thirsty bitch is a lot of fucking work. I don’t think I’m cut out for it. It’s like when I tell women to never chase a man. I think we should probably also never chase clicks and likes. It seems unhealthy. And yet, here we are.

So a clever and well-thought-out post isn’t happening today, friends.


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  1. Yeah ugh… I want do things …write…photograph….draw….etc etc.. im always in this talking myself up to do it and the battle is rough…and when i finally do get myself…i go like how is this? do i NOT actually enjoy all the things i really hope or wish to do? what is thats holding me from ideas…from just doing it like i dream of


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