Irascible. Put it on my tombstone.

Sometimes, it’s just never going to work. I’ve been testy this week. For whatever reason, that reminded me of a guy I used to date who once used the word “irascible” to describe me. Hello, Captain Obvious. But it seriously took him entirely too long to figure that out. He looked great on paper. In reality, he wasn’t all that interesting and he didn’t like my dogs. Fuck that guy.

Prior to him, I dated a guy who was just looking for a placeholder. He could take me out in public and I didn’t have any drama. You know what? Fuck that guy, too.

I don’t really have a point other than this is one of those weeks when I wish I had a heavy bag hanging in my living room. I wish my hearing wasn’t so finely tuned. Every sound is like sandpaper on my last nerve.

I suppose I could be a better person. But then people wouldn’t need four-syllable words to describe me.


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